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 About US

Allow us to introduce you to our company, Belgium Jewelry Inc. We are a prime manufacturer of higher end diamond and colored stone jewelry, dealing exclusively With whole sellers and volume users .In addition to fine jewelry, Belgium Diamond, our Sister concern also supplies a wide range of loose diamonds, specializing in GIA and EGL certified/non-certified diamonds from .70cts. and up. Belgium Jewelry is a vertically integrated supplier providing you with multiple components of design, production, sales and marketing for all of the products we create. By reviewing our catalog, you will be able to see our innovative designs which include Our best sellers with indicative suggested retail price .Our centralized sales team in New York is available to help you achieve the target pricing you desire for your specific program. We have over 300 skilled craftsmen working in India (Mumbai), India in the jewelry-Manufacturing zone and produce thousands of pieces per month using 'state of art' Machinery and the latest technology .We also have a manufacturing factory in China (Panyu), including over 200 dedicated craftsmen working 'Hand in hand' with our design team to provide products as per international standards and the trends in the market.

As an associate of a prestigious Diamond company, Fine Star Diamonds, located in the heart of the diamond district of Mumbai, we have an advantage of receiving diamonds at lower prices .As a customer, our advantage can therefore benefit you in terms of price and quality. It would be a pleasure to discuss in person how Belgium Jewelry can benefit you .If you would like to set up an appointment or speak to one of our New York associates, please Feel free to contact us. We look forward to starting a new business relationship with you and your company.


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